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About Me

Your Trusted Guide to Strategic Digital Marketing Marketing and Branding Excellence in the Digital Age

I’m a Digital Marketing Expert from Bangladesh with three years’ experience. My experience ranges from marketing to branding to business strategy, especially in e-commerce, f-commerce and tech industry. I’m your guy for Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and all that stuff. Let’s grow your business.

Services I'm Providing

Search Engine optimization

Rank high in search results! My Search Engine Optimization service is your ticket to increased visibility, higher rankings, and online success.

Social Media Marketing

Maximize your online presence with my Social Media Marketing service—crafting compelling strategies to elevate engagement, brand awareness, and growth!

Online Branding

Shape a standout digital identity with my Online Branding service, creating a lasting impression and connecting with your target audience effectively.

Work Experience

Social Media Marketing Executive
2022- Current
Digital Marketing Executive
2020- Current
Online Brand Manager
2020- 2023

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